Customer Comments

I am the Director of Customer Service with an industrial manufacturing company. I just want to complement you and Kathy on excellent service in a very efficient and personal way. Thanks.

~ J. Kraus

Thank you for your wonderful service and quick shipping to my daughter's abode, awaiting my bare feet upon my Christmas arrival. Having returned home to Boise, I find my new footwear even better than expected.

It's always somewhat frightening to shop long distance, given all the horror stories, but you are a top-notch outfit, and I will keep your catalog on file, as well as your email address and web site.

Thank you VERY much.

~ M. Parsons

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your GREAT website. So many great shoes to choose from, some of them really hard to find in the "real" world.

~ D. Orneallas

The design of your web page is great. It is much faster and more intuitive to use than many.

~ C. Bruml